pet care and Beauty services

pet beauty and pet care

Best veterinary clinic in the provision of pet beauty and pet care services like hairdressing services for the treatment of pets, cats and dogs from various diseases and prevention from it along with a pleasant appearance.

pet beauty and pet care services

  • Veterinary drugs and treatment of hair loss for cats and pets.
  • Hairdressing of the pet and protect him from skin diseases needs a specialized veterinary hospital such as “New York Clinics” it has animal care clinics and the provision of effective veterinary medicines.
  • Hairstyling for the cat, which nourishes its babies, so as to keep it clean and facilitate the arrival of them to nipples, as well relief the summer heat and diseases caused by shortness of breath and suffocation.
  • Animal care clinic to follow them in a preventive manner and curing cats if infected with fungus or oil secretions attached to the tail which cause tingling and the tangle of hair and prevention of hairballs resulting from licking the cat to his body and causing his vomiting.
  • Protect cats and pets from insects that infect hair.
  • Veterinary medicines for the treatment and prevention from various worms.
  • Cutting pet’s nails to protect it from disease rather than go every day to a veterinarian, as well as protect him from hurting himself or others unintentionally.

Our services are provided by a specialized team of experts in the treatment and beautification of cats and anesthesia using the latest methods.