Sterilization and neutering surgery for cats by a veterinary surgeon specialist

cat neutering تعقيم الحيوانات الاليفة

Sterilization and cat neutering do not only help in solving a serious problem of the booming population of unwanted cats only its also make pets life more friendly and easier.

Sterilization of cats makes them more relaxed, fun and passionate, it is a surgical procedure in which the doctor removes the uterus and ovaries from the cat under general anesthesia, and reduces the risk of breast cancer in female cats.

Neutering male cats makes them much quieter and less likely to “spray” or mark their urine, or walk away from their home or fight, they are also performed under general anesthesia in which the testes are removed from the male cat
and it healed within a week at the hands of a specialist veterinary surgeon.

Make your cat kinder and friendlier with the sterilization and neutering services from the New York Veterinarian Center